Welcome to Hanuman Academy.

We create life-changing yoga programs with master teachers
to help you deepen your practice and awaken your full potential.

Global Community

We are a community of yogis from around the world, learning and growing together.


Body + Mind + Spirit

We go deep. Yoga is not only a series of physical postures…it is a path to self-realization.


With you, wherever you go…

All you need is your favorite device to study with master teachers, from anywhere in the world.

What our students say

All is perfect and the information I’m receiving is in the perfect moment at the right time. I want to say thank you so much to Hanuman Academy and all the people that made this immersion possible with this great teachers. It is so valuable and empowering.

Lorena Roman December 2, 2016

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Uplevel your practice & life

Being human is not always easy. We need supportive practices to help us engage in vichara (self-inquiry) so we may transform the patterns that hold us back. Each and every one us can fulfill our greatest potential. Each and every one of us has a unique gift to offer the world. Our teachers offer you the guidance and practices to help you raise your vibration to achieve and sustain health on all levels of your being.

Our Programs


Tantra Yoga Psychology

with R.R. Shakti, Ph.D.

This course provides a vision of Tantra Yoga through the lens of Deep Psychology; enlisting the wisdom of myth, symbol, and archetype to guide you on the path to your soul’s ultimate fulfillment.


Path to Radical Self Mastery

with Anand Mehrotra

Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom teachings of India as it applies to modern life with a true visionary master teacher.


Everyday Ayurveda: Embodying Intuitive Wholeness

This very practical, experiential training in the timeless science of Ayurveda will teach you how to harmonize with nature and unleash your innate power to self heal.


RADIANCE – 40 Day RESET for Body, Mind & Soul

with Dayna Seraye

Radiance: 40 Day Reset for Body, Mind & Soul will guide you step-by-step in cultivating a healthy, soul-centered lifestyle rooted in yogic rituals of self care.


The Five Elements of Yoga

Our foundation course lays the framework for a holistic and inspiring yoga education. Journey through the elements with 5 master teachers in this 6 month, comprehensive immersion.

The Hanuman Family


Hanuman Festival

Our summer reUnion gathers the yogi tribe together in Boulder, Colorado for 4 blissful days featuring world-class teachers, extraordinary live music and inspirational talks. We create safe and sacred space for conscious community to learn and grow. Learn more.


Hanuman Adventures

In the spirit of seva, we venture out into the world to practice the yoga of giving back, on and off the mat. Our seva projects help communities in need and we receive the gifts of community connection, exploring sacred sites and culture and life-changing travel. Learn more.

Come home
to yourself.

We believe in giving back.

When you register for one of our courses, a portion of the proceeds go to support clean water initiatives around the globe.

The Hanuman Story

We believe that within each of us lives a super hero and we can awaken this vast potential to live in alignment with our passion and purpose. Our namesake, Hanuman, is a monkey god from Hindu mythology who teaches us (through his abundant trials, tribulations and victories) about the path of the heart and how being in service to LOVE gives him incredible strength and power. Hanumanasana, the splits pose, represents the leap of faith that is required to realize the great potential that lies within.


By practicing yoga, both on and off the mat, we can create a balanced, healthy and vibrant life for ourselves and our communities. By raising our own vibration we affect the world in immeasurable ways.


In 2011 we birthed Hanuman Festival, a conscious yoga/music festival based in Boulder, CO. In dedication to the seva (selfless service) teachings of Hanuman, we are committed to giving back and in 2015 we founded Hanuman Adventures to take practitioners to participate in hands-on service projects around the world. Most recently we launched Hanuman Academy to go deep into the transformative practice of yoga.