The Earth Element
4-Week Self-Study Yoga Immersion
with Saul David Raye


“Earth is the beginning. It is the root of the Tree of Life.” – Saul David Raye

Living in modern times, we all need the grounding, connecting, and nourishing support of the Earth element. 

Many of us experience high levels of stress and anxiety in our busy lifestyles.

In the EARTH ELEMENT module, Saul teaches us essential practices for coming into our bodies and hearts to create peace and calm on all levels of our being.

The EARTH ELEMENT is the first module in The Five Elements of Yoga 6 month immersion. 

Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to share EARTH with you as an independent, self-study course.

In this 4-week curriculum, Saul teaches the 
Earth Element as the foundation of holistic yoga. 

These teachings fill in many gaps and bring you beyond the asana
into deeper understanding of the richness and depth of the path and practice of yoga.

I love this training. The material shared by Saul is rich. It is enhancing my practice and teaching style already. I love that the videos are broken down into easy to manage nuggets in terms of length. - Kay Taylor



  • How to access Earth in standing poses
  • A beautiful grounding meditation for yourself (and your students)
  • Mantras to invoke Ganesha and clear obstacles
  • How to connect to Mother Earth as a living energy


  • Affirmations to harmonize the Pancha Koshas (five sheaths of the soul)
  • Earth Vinyasas that circulate prana and increase wellbeing
  • How to invoke your Inner Teacher and increase intuitive knowing
  • Mudras to calm the mind and clear the pathways to the heart


  • Practical ways to balance your Ayurvedic constitution
  • The relationship of the chakras to the 5 elements
  • How to strengthen your roots through Muladhara Chakra
  • Creative sequencing to include mantra, mudra, meditation and pranayama in your practice


  • The science of prana as the foundation of all yogic practice
  • Essential pranayama practices for increasing life-energy and vitality
  • How to avoid injuries in yoga as a practitioner (and as a teacher)
  • Mantras to connect your mind to healing frequencies

I am very much enjoying this journey and learning so much. Becoming grounded is such a foundation and necessity. I am currently living in Los Angeles and sometimes it’s hard for me to get centered, get grounded, and show remember/practice stillness. So I am grateful for this amazing journey and teachings. — Kayla Denise Strong


  • Video lessons for each week’s curriculum
  • PDF handouts to support the video lessons
  • Homework assignments and practices
  • Participation in our interactive private online community
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Classroom and all Course Content

I just finished doing the Earth Vinyasas! OH! That was REALLY GOOD! I really loved the slowness of the practice and it really allowed me to explore my body in ways I never had before. When we were finished and we sat afterwards, I noticed that my hip/glute/knee wasn’t as tight and I could actually feel the blood rushing through the area. I really loved that sequence! I am finding the information that I am gaining here is invaluable, and a wonderful and much needed addendum to TT. I find myself making time squeeeeezing in ‘just one more lesson’ ~even when I have other things to do! — Kathleen Dense-Heitmann

In the EARTH ELEMENT module, Saul presents an array of foundational teachings that help
expand your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga as a living process.

If you are a teacher or wellness leader, prepare to be inspired by Saul’s teaching tips
as he offers poignant insight and personal experience of how to evolve and grow in your teaching.

We invite you to join us for this powerful online experience!


The Earth Element
with Saul David Raye

$197 USD

I feel so blessed to be in deep study with Saul as we journey through Earth. His connection to the Mother seems to seep out of his pores and his devotion is so true and genuine. Thank you so much for creating a landscape where it is easy to dive deep into devotional Bhakti practice! — Molly Curtis

Thank you so much for your genuine care and open heart! It is a wonderful energy to receive and engage with. I have been enjoying the way that you approach the Earth element, emphasizing how important it is to honor mother Earth. The pada bandha has been a great reminder and very profound to bring back into focus. Working with the feet is powerful! I also really like how you said the most important thing about chanting is sincerity. Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom. Namaste — Lauren Monheim

Studying Earth with Saul has been an invaluable opportunity to deepen my understanding of these ancient wisdom teachings. It’s allowed me to dive in and really take the time to invest in myself and my overall health and happiness! Jai Ma! — Jeff Jepsen