Are you a sincere seeker interested in the deeper teachings of yoga?

If so, we invite you to discover:

The Path to Radical Self-Mastery 


with Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra

Learn ancient yogic teachings from an accessible & modern perspective.

Experience a life of profound meaning, purpose and joy and be impactful as a change-maker in the world.

Are you ready for a quantum leap
in your soul's evolution?

Ancient yogic teachings show us a way out of our suffering – a path to the deeper, more grounded happiness you desire at the core of your being.

The Path to Radical Self Mastery gives you the tools and empowerment to meet any challenges that arise from your unswayable center of truth and love. As you integrate these teachings into your life, you become FEARLESS.  

It’s a 6 week guided journey back to your true power and divinity.

In this online immersion you will experience:

  • Wisdom transmissions to understand the path of self mastery
  • Meditations, pranayama, kriyas and asana to embody the teachings
  • A TOTAL revolution of your consciousness
  • The state of yoga — union with your natural, liberated Self

You have the power to realize your magnificence in THIS lifetime.

The Path to Radical Self Mastery is an incredible journey into the true purpose of yoga.

As you free yourself from limitations and fear you will embody your limitless, awakened dharmic nature.

You will shift from stressed and disconnected to joyful and MAGNETIC.

Through powerful Wisdom Talks and transformative yoga practices, Anand Mehrotra masterfully guides you in the evolution of your consciousness. You will experience powerful energetic shifts in your body, mind, and spirit. 

Under the brilliant guidance of Anand Mehrotra, you will learn the

6 Key Understandings of Self Mastery

1 - The Trinity of Self
Understand the three aspects of the self and learn how to embark on the realization of your greatest, integrated Self.

2 - The Nature of Reality
Learn the six principles of manifest reality and how to align with nature and experience the flow state of ease and grace. 

3 - From Karma to Dharma
In this chapter explore the lessons of karma and how to transform each moment into a state of dharmic consciousness. 

4 - Unity of Polarities
Experience the essential energies of Shiva and Shakti and the inherent paradox of life interweaves in an eternal dance of union.

5 - The Mastery of Desire
What is desire-less desire? How can we master our impulses to live a life that is in total surrender and radically alive? 

6 - Living Enlightenment
Enlightenment is not the end, but the beginning of life. Learn to anchor increasingly awake states of consciousness.

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Meet Your Teacher

Anand Mehrotra is a world renowned visionary master, evolutionary thought leader, and entrepreneurial and social change trailblazer. He was born and raised in Rishikesh, India – the birthplace of yoga. Combining the ancient wisdom of his upbringing with a lighthearted rebelliousness, Anand’s unique brilliance appeals to modern audiences in both the East and West.

He is the founder and Master Teacher of Sattva Yoga – a holistic, ever-evolving practice that combines asana, pranayama, meditation, kriya, and wisdom. Sattva Yoga inspires students to experience freedom, radical aliveness, and their most authentic Selves on every level.

Anand is the “teacher’s teacher” with students studying with him from all walks of life including Hollywood celebrities, business leaders, yoga teachers, writers, doctors, lawyers, meditations teachers, designers, students etc.