Tantra Yoga Psychology

Myth, Archetype & the Soul's Quest 

with R.R. Shakti, PhD

Ready to live your deepest desires?

Can you relate?

  • You feel peace on your yoga mat or meditation cushion, but it doesn't seem to last when you re-enter the demands of life. 
  • You know deep inside that the awakening you long for is not beyond this world, but resides within your everyday human experience. 
  • You understand the value of yoga AND psychology; you want to learn how to bridge the two for yourself and your students. 
  • You are ready to see your blindspots, understand your shadows and shift the narratives that keep you limited and in pain.
  • You are on a quest for wholeness and you want expert guidance and training in how to reclaim and integrate all parts of yourself. 
  • You love a good story, and want to learn how you can apply myth, symbol and archetype for personal and collective healing. 

Welcome. You're in the right place.


What do you truly and deeply long for?



The soul's quest begins here — with your deepest desire. 

It ends when you realize that what you seek has been with you all along.

What lies between is an unavoidable journey. 

Enlisting the wisdom of myth, symbol, and archetype, 
we will journey together on the path to your soul’s ultimate fulfillment.

We are whole creatures in potential, 
and the true purpose of desire is to
unfold that wholeness, to become what we can be.
― Eric Butterworth

This program is a six week journey to apply
the wisdom of Tantra Yoga and Deep Psychology to your life.

Our mythic approach, grounded in practice and application, will give you the insight, knowledge and skills to explore your psyche, rewrite your stories, and reclaim your wholeness. As you learn to integrate all parts of you — your shadows and your light — you heal yourself and begin to heal the world. 

We will focus on these core elements:


Weekly lectures weave myth and story with tantric teachings and deep psychology principles to build the foundation of your understanding.

Weekly Yoga

Embody the wisdom you are learning through asana, mantra and pranayama techniques focusing on deep alignment principles. 

Soul's Quest Guidance

Apply the teachings to your everyday experience with daily practices, teachings and tools designed to unfold your Soul's Quest.

Community Sangha

This is a personal AND collective journey. We will join in community to share our experiences, offer support and learn and grow together.

In This Program You Will:

  • Bridge the expansion and awareness practices of Tantra Yoga with deep psychological understanding for healing, integration and wholeness 
  • Cultivate a greater capacity to be with all parts of you — your human vulnerabilities and your connection to Infinite Creative Power
  • Engage your imagination to activate and develop the story of your Soul’s Quest
  • Learn how to work with your personal narrative, identifying the symbols and archetypes that serve and limit you
  • Develop mindfulness rituals that deepen your embodied presence in every day life
  • Claim your inner power by exploring the archetypes of empowerment that reside within you
  • Illuminate and tend to your shadow parts that limit your creative freedom and cause suffering
  • Reintegrate your masculine/feminine qualities so you may develop meaningful, lasting, relationships
  • ​​Realize your Self as a whole person in full participation with the Creative Source of Life

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My experience of Shakti cannot fully be put into words. I’m always left with a profound sense of being loved, included, ‘up-leveled’ and empowered whenever I work with her. She not only is an amazing wealth of knowledge, she also embodies the depth of yoga and lives it in all aspects of her life. She has cultivated an exquisite capacity to lead, relate, and transmit the wisdom of her studies through living it, living in integrity with it and walking the path through her life experience. She is a true diamond in today’s evolving world and human consciousness. — Thomas Radke

Being a student of Shakti’s for more than ten years has given me the tools I need to face my shadows and expose my true light. Her innate wisdom to teach from the heart coupled with her genuine love of teaching, constantly inspires me to want to live my life from its highest potential as authentically as I can. Her gift and ability to share through storytelling makes learning from her a unique privilege unlike any other student/teacher experience. — Colleen Rose

Shakti is the kind of teacher you can practice and study with time and time again. Her unique transmissions encompass a multitude of layers. She is infinitely interesting and interested. In just one encounter, you’ll
feel enriched and the teachings, the breadth she is capable of imprinting, will continue to expand and reveal itself for many moments to come.” — Erin Watkins

The vast breadth and depth of Shakti’s wisdom and knowledge is perfectly matched and balanced by her expansive heart. She uses psychology and myth, holistic wisdom, experience, and the ancient texts and stories of yoga to infuse all of her teachings. She possesses a profound understanding of life and living as well as of death and dying. Shakti is thoughtful, spiritual, and sage. She teaches with grace from the depth of her own eternal light and shines it radiantly on everyone she meets. She IS Inner Power. She is love. I am continually grateful for the fortune that brought her into my life. It will be a lifelong connection.” — Ingrid Sepahpur