Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Two

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Anxiety & Healing
Human Disconnection
with Kathryn Budig

​In this candid conversation, Kathryn shares her journey with anxiety and the importance of human connection on the healing path. She cautions us of the pervasiveness of spiritual bullying, and shares why seeking a cure is not always the most helpful approach when it comes to our healing.

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Healing through Quantum Flow
with Juan Pablo Barahona

This conversation will ignite your inspiration as Juan Pablo shares his personal and professional practice of healing through the seven levels of your being. He teaches you how to become increasingly magnetic and in alignment with your soul, so that you can wake up everyday with vitality to live your life to the fullest.

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Ceremonial Earth Activism
with Kat Tudor

In this beautiful interview, Kat shares stories of sacred ceremony in the tradition of the indigenous peoples of North American and the Yucatan that have the power to heal not only ourselves, but the earth. Tune in to hear her recent victory in a Supreme Court case that has set a precedent for our rights as citizens for a clean environment.

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Yoga for the Modern
 Body, Mind & Lifestyle
with Francisco Kaiut

Francisco eloquently shares the origins of yoga as a practice of returning to nature, where healing happens effortlessly. Founder of Kaiut Yoga, he speaks of the need to embrace rather than resist our modern lifestyle and adapt yoga to meet the needs of healing and health we have today.

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The Art of Authentic Relating
with Ryel Kestano

Ryel is on a mission to ignite human connection. In this vibrant interview, Ryel shares essentials of authentic relating, and how these practices are changing lives from the prisons to the boardroom and everywhere in between.

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