Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Four

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Towards an Ecosystem
of Health & Heart
with Saul David Raye

​In this moving dialogue, Saul shares teaches on the essential reconnection required of each of us in these times of enormous peril on planet earth. This interiew will inspire you to open your heart and come into relationship with yourself as a healer and activist for the re-balancing of all.

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Healing through Intimate Relationships
with Claudine & Honza Lafond

In this interview, Honza and Claudine share how the practice of yoga, and specifically acrovinyasa, has supported them to heal through the connection. They speak of the importance of communication, cultivating trust and the power of taking personal space to create health in relationships.

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Medicine, Love & The Power to Self Heal
with Dr. Paul Dugliss

A longtime practitioner of both allopathic and alternative medicine, Dr. Paul Dugliss shares key insights into the role the heart plays in our innate power to heal. Experience a profound guided meditation and a wisdom transmission for YOU to heal whatever arises in your path.

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Indigenous Yoga &
The Healing of Nations
with Haley Laughter

A Navajo woman who grew up with the historical trauma of her people, Haley Laughter shares her mission to bring the healing power of yoga to indigenous communities everywhere. In this interview, she describes how she weaves classical yoga with Native American philosophy and traditions to heal minds, bodies, hearts and communities.

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