Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day One

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Welcome to Yoga & Self Healing

I'm Dayna Seraye, Co-Founder & Director of Hanuman Academy, and I'm so happy you are here! 

Our intention for this gathering is to support you in accessing the healer within you. Yoga teaches that we are innately whole. As we balance the forces of nature within us, we have greater access to our wholeness, no matter what challenges we face.

These interviews are chock full of wisdom nuggets to inspire your practice and life.  Grab a pen and journal and enjoy the journey!

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Simple Practices for Healing with Nature
with Sianna Sherman

With embodied passion and poetry, Sianna shares the paramount importance of unplugging from technology and plugging into the elements of nature. She offers simple, effective healing practices that resource her and keep her balanced amidst a busy travel and teaching schedule.

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Stop Waiting.
Wholeness is Who You Are
with Anand Mehrotra

In this moving satsang transmission, Anand shares the power of tuning into your Self as pure, loving consciousness as you heal through the many layers and levels of your being. He offers wisdom for understanding our modern challenges and dis-ease, and how a holistic approach to yoga as a total lifestyle brings the wholeness we are seeking.

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Breath and the Heart of Healing
with Janet Stone

In the journey of life, we face many challenges that invite us onto a healing path. In this beautiful interview, Janet shares her personal experiences in healing, and why even death and loss is an opportunity to heal. She offers a powerful approach to healing with heart openers, and how to find acceptance amidst the discomforts of life.

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Mayan Shamanism and 
The Power of Ceremony
with Miguel Angel Vergara

In this profound teaching, Miguel reveals the healing path through Mayan shamanism. He shares the journey to become a shaman, and the tools, instuments and philosophy that guides the ceremonies that create miraculous healing experiences.

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