Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Three

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Self-Less Healing
with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

​With gentleness and heart, Richard and Mary share their decades of experience in embodying and teaching selflessness as a path and practice of wholeness. Be prepared to be deeply inspired as they share the precision, acceptance and kindness that allows yoga to be the work that leads to a life well lived.

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Ayurveda for Intuitive Wholeness
with Laura Plumb

In this moving conversation, Laura shares the Ayurvedic perspective on how we can align ourselves with our innate capacity and intelligence to self heal. She gives key insights into our ever-changing relationship with nature that guides us towards integration, balance and wholeness, and the importance of our power of devotion and faith in the journey.

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Creating a Culture of Health
with Tyrone Beverly

Please tune in as Tyrone shares the importance of creating a culture of health that allows everyone to thrive. He shares life-changing stories of his work within communities and the power of people coming together to practice yoga, communicate authentically, and create social change that heals and empowers.

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Mantra, Puja & Yoga Nidra for Healing
with Sreedevi K. Bringi

In this rich discussion Sreedevi offers insights into the profound healing power of mantra, puja and the practice of yoga nidra. She offers examples of how these yogic techniques benefit our nervous system through the lens of yoga and scientific understandings.

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