Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Five

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Slow Down to Unravel the Mind
with Maty Ezraty

​In this candid interview, Maty shares her personal struggles in working with issues of low self worth, and how the practice of yoga and meditation have supported her to heal. She speaks of the need for practitioners of all levels to make the space to slow down and observe the mind in order to experience the mental peace so many of us are seeking.

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Trust the Wisdom of
Your Body’s Intelligence
with Francesca Cassia & Roberto Milleti

In this session, Francesca & Roberto share the principles that underlie Odaka Yoga and how to reconnect with our innate bodily intelligence to self heal. Francesca shares how she healed from anorexia and they both offer wisdom of how to approach pain in the body as a gift and path to a deeper, more meaningful life.

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Service & the
Super Power of Giving Back

with Rob Schware

When yoga transformed his own life, Rob Schware started The Give Back Yoga Foundation to touch the lives of those in need. In this inspiring interview, Rob shares stories of the healing and transformation he has witnessed in the lives of inmates in prison, war veterans and more.

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Relax: There is Nothing to Fix or Change
with Ashleigh Sergeant

In this candid conversation, Ashleigh shares her evolutionary journey from numbing and resisting her sensitivity, to greater ease, relaxation and presence in all the intensity of life. She offers key insights for the healing journey — not as something to fix or change, but to rest into the wholeness that you already are.

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