AUGUST. 27-29. 2021

Are You Ready to Celebrate the Fulfillment of Your 
Soul's Quest and Reclaim your Wholeness?

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R.R. Shakti ~ The Soul Artist

In this deep conversation with R.R. Shakti, you will learn keys to soul artistry and how you can walk the middle path. Shakti talks about the value of embracing all archetypes - the victim, villain and hero - and explains how exploring the unknown with curiosity and courage can cultivate compassion, clarity, and illuminate the creative soul self. Through personal stories and reflections, she reveals the path to remembering ourselves, even when we forget to love or when others have lost their way.

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati ~ Experience Oneness

In this profound interview, Sadhviji shares what is essential to the path and practice of yoga for the soul's quest. Through her transmissions of the Bhagavad Gita, she reveals how the three paths of yoga help us dispel darkness and help you re-member who you are. You will also hear key wisdom on your relationship with your ego, a prayer for truth, and how applying the yamas and niyamas can help you embrace your full self, invite more compassion, and reveal your soul's desires. 

Rod Stryker ~ This Practice Is Not For Everyone

In this interview, Rod Stryker shares ancient Tantra Yoga wisdom and how this path will bring you to the edge of knowing your soul, which is not for everyone! Through yogic examples like the Sri Chakra, his transmissions reveal the infinite potential of humankind and how we can embrace the totality of division. You will learn how the path of Tantra Yoga can help you catch a glimpse of who you are and invite you to connect with the light and renounce the darkness.  

Juan Pablo Barahona ~ Are You Really Living It?

In this lively interview with Juanpa, he shares his personal journey - from the light into the deep and painful dark side - and how he started to truly love himself by loving his ego and surrendering to the union. You will learn why it's important not to get lost in the duality and a breath technique to empower yourself. 

Jayne Stevenson ~ Dream Exploration

Join Jayne as she speaks about embracing dreams and the dream state in order to resolve patterns in our awakened state. She also explains how dreams may be the key to accessing personal and humanity's soul consciousness.

Hemalayaa ~ Magnetize Your Life with Mantra

Tune into this conversation with Hemalayaa where she invites you to ask "what is the opportunity?" when you are on the soul's quest. Hemalayaa shares how yogic goddess help reveal aspects of our highest self. You will learn three mantras to invoke the devas which will help you celebrate the sacred beauty of life.