AUGUST. 27-29. 2021

AUGUST 27 - 29, 2021
Inspiring Interviews
with Master Yoga Teachers & Consciousness Leaders 

Are You Ready to Celebrate the Fulfillment of Your 
Soul's Quest and Reclaim your Wholeness?


Yoga and meditation practices offer access to awakened states of peace, equanimity and freedom. 

But what happens when you get up from your mat or rise from your cushion?

Join this extraordinary confluence of 
master yoga teachers and consciousness leaders
as they share what is essential to the path and practice of yoga for the Soul's quest.

In the beginning was the Great Cosmic Split.

Ancient yogic wisdom reveals this as the birth of human consciousness and the launch of the Soul's quest.

Life for the modern day yogi is riddled with stories and hidden shadows — personally and collectively — and the mystical energy of your inner power can be depleted or lost trying to discern and navigate an ever-evolving world.

How do we activate our imagination and reclaim our embodied presence to recognize the Infinite Creative Power within?

How do we celebrate the sacred beauty that resides within the human experience?

How do we heal ourselves and remember our heart's deepest wisdom?

Through mythology-story, symbol, dreamwork and yoga, you have the power to reveal your Soul's deepest desires, reclaim your wholeness, and uplift the human consciousness.

This FREE online gathering includes:

  • 20 intimate interviews with international yoga teachers & consciousness leaders
  • Daily inspiration to fuel your understanding of the teachings
  • Tools, tips and techniques to heal yourself with the practices of yoga

Meet Your Hosts:

Hi, I'm Dayna Seraye, co-founder and director of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures.

My passion is to awaken and embody heart-centered consciousness within each of us and in our collective human experience.

I am grateful to bring the deeper teachings of yoga — a path and practice that brings us into alignment with our true nature and teaches us to live a meaningful life — to the global community.

It is my honor to curate such a potent collection of wisdom teachings with these incredible consciousness leaders, and I hope they inspire you on your path of evolution. Welcome to the journey!