Fearless Living for True Fulfillment


with Master Teacher Bajrang



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Want to break through obstacles
and illuminate your infinite potential?

In this master class you will learn:

  • What is TRUE fulfillment, and how to live in harmony with your soul's essence 
  • How to clear fear and past conditioning and step into your fearless, limitless nature
  • Why it is essential for you to cultivate self mastery to be truly impactful in the world
  • How to embody courage, love, and power to face whatever challenges arise
  • A powerful set of practices to move through detours, increase happiness, and expand your consciousness


Bajrang is a Master Sattva meditation and yoga teacher and Vedic Astrologer, trained in Rishikesh, India by Himalayan Master Anand Mehrotra of the Sattva Yoga Academy. Sattva is a fully-integrated practice designed for personal evolution. Prior to becoming a Master Sattva teacher, Bajrang served as an entrepreneur and consultant at the highest levels of corporations, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. He lives in Northern California with his family and German Shepherds.

Photo: DJ Pierce

Experience personal evolution.

Learn ancient yogic wisdom as it applies to our modern and unprecedented life to discover a life of pure contentment and abundance.