Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Two

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Embodiment Practice 
with Dayna Seraye

Welcome to Day 2 of Yoga & Wisdom of Nature!

Please join Dayna for a short practice in the spirit of the water element to experience your fluid body and the power of surrender.

Awaken the Flow of Natural Intelligence
with Anand Mehrotra

In this powerful dialogue, Anandji illuminates the path of natural intelligence and how we can transcend our sense of separation to experience unity consciousness. He invites us to realize the immense opportunity we have, living in modern times, for rapid evolution and growth, and offers an essential yogic key to lead us beyond our limitations into a state of yogic expansion.

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Uplevel Your Elemental Intelligence
with Sianna Sherman

Tune in as Sianna takes us on a journey of remembrance of our essential interdependence with nature and all of life. She weaves an alchemical tapestry of the five elements, offering us practical tips and examples for living and practicing in potent connection with earth, water, fire, air and ether. Sianna calls us into the need of our times to uplevel our consciousness and integrate earth-based wisdom into our lives.

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Ceremony, Music, Medicine and Magic
with Ana Forrest & Jose Calarco

In this lively session, Ana and Jose share their passion for indigenous wisdom and ceremony, and how they infuse the teachings of nature into their powerful approach to yoga. With both humor and fierce truth-telling, they offer practical tips and techniques for deep healing, both individually and for our collective world.

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Navigate from Your Intuitive Midline
with Brian Siddharth Ingle

Siddharth shares his rich expertise in somatic intelligence and how to access your inner authority and trust your embodied sense of knowing to guide you. He shares his journey of coming to India, tending to the great master Papaji, and how healing is more a practice of holding space for health to reveal itself than making health happen.

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