Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Thank You

We are SO grateful to have shared Yoga & Wisdom of Nature with you.
Please continue the journey with us in our upcoming 6 month online immersion:

5 Elements of Yoga
with Saul David Raye, Sianna Sherman, Juan Pablo Barahona, Janet Stone & Sreedevi K. Bringi

The Yoga & Wisdom of Nature program content will be included as a FREE BONUS
with registration for 5 Elements of Yoga (starting May 6th).

Closing Message from Dayna

Thank you so much for joining us for Yoga & Wisdom of Nature. We absolutely love bringing this type of content to you. It takes a village and together we uplift and inspire our world.

We hope you'll join us for The Five Elements of Yoga, our 6 month online immersion with 5 master teachers featured in this summit. We launch soon and this program is an incredible way to continue the journey of connecting to nature, within and all around. 

Stay in touch and please let us know what kind of yoga education you are interested in receiving from us!