Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day One

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Opening Practice 
with Dayna Seraye

Please join Dayna for a short practice to awaken your body and breath so you can receive these teachings not just from your mind, but from your whole being. This practice will be slow and grounding, working with the element of earth.

Vote with Your Consciousness
with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati

In this incredible interview filmed on World Water Day, Sadhviji shares yogic wisdom of how we are all intimately interwoven and how water exemplifies our interconnection. She teaches us that our choices matter and gives us powerful examples of how we can vote with our consciousness to affect positive change on the planet.

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Healing with Mother Nature
with Saul David Raye

Tune in with Saul as he shares profound earth-based wisdom of how to heal yourself through your connection to the elements. Saul gives practical tips to attune to your original nature and experience the state of flow and peace that we all desire. He invites us to look within and understand our tendencies of imbalance so we may work with the 5 elements as an antidote to our modern paradigm of stress and dis-ease. 

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​Scientific Wisdom to 
Quickly Change Your Life
with Bruce Lipton

In this riveting discussion, Dr. Bruce Lipton shares the revolutionary science of epigenetics and why we are not victims of our genes, but creators of our reality. With passion and great joy, Bruce teaches us how to work with the subconscious programming of our mind and gives tools and techniques to quickly change these limiting beliefs and create the health and happiness that we desire. 

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Awaken the Sleeping Potential Within
with Gloria Latham

In the face of global crisis, Gloria shares the importance of first turning within and doing the personal practice of transforming the negative mind. She gives us insights from Kundalini Yoga on how to clear toxicity and awaken our inner potential. You will learn the single most important factor in creating personal and collective sustainability and happiness.

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Normal People Living an Unnatural Life
with Simon Borg-Olivier

In this powerful conversation, Simon shares how the norm for modern humans is physiologically unnatural, and why hatha yoga must be adapted to support us in returning to our natural state. He shares why yoga on the mat must not bring our bodies into the stress of fight or flight mode if we hope to be loving, kind, connected people who create a harmonious world for all.

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