Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Four

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Embodiment Practice 
with Dayna Seraye

Welcome to Day 4 of Yoga & Wisdom of Nature!

Please join Dayna for a short practice to fan the energy of the heart and open to the intelligent field of anahata chakra. 

Start in Your Own Backyard
with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

With open, honest and raw beauty, Gurmukh shares why yoga not only brings us into connection with the elements, but IS connection to nature itself. She reminds us that the role of morning practice on the mat is simply to prepare us to be of service throughout our day and gives us practical guidelines for living a natural, kind and impactful life.

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Realize You are Enough
& Heal the World
with Janet Stone

Janet keeps it simple in this candid conversation about the importance of realizing we are not separate from nature. She shares small but powerful ways to connect with the five elements and experience the inner harmony and fulfillment that will lead us away from over-consumption, and towards a more sustainable world.

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Dancing the Stillness
In the Eternal Flow of Life
with Francesca Cassia & Roberto Milleti

Italian yogis Francesca & Roberto share the essence of Odaka Yoga, which is an approach to movement and life inspired by the flow of the waves in the ocean. They remind us of the importance of attuning to the subtle energies, allowing our bodies to harmonize and flow with nature, rather than over-efforting and pushing past our limitations.

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The Song of Nature
with Anandra George

Tune in as Anandra shares the power of mantra and sound to bring us into resonance with our true Self and harmonize with all of life. Learn a simple yet potent mantra, complete with the subtleties of Sanskrit pronunciation, to receive maximum benefit of the sound vibrations. Anandra teaches us the medicine of sound to focus and calm our monkey minds.

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Yogic Detachment to
Experience Inner Beauty
with Mohan Bhandari

Yogi Mohan grew up at Parmarth Niketan Ashram in Rishikesh, India, and now lives and teaches full time in China. In this interview he shares why yoga is key in helping people learn how to deal with the stress of modern life, and how asana, pranayama and meditation teach the detachment that is essential to experience our inner beauty. You will learn why this inner experience of beauty is vital in our quest to rebalance our natural world.

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