Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Five

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Embodiment Practice 
with Dayna Seraye

Welcome to Day 5 of Yoga & Wisdom of Nature!

Please join Dayna for a short practice to expand your awareness and experience unity consciousness. 

Talk to Nature...She is Listening
with ShantiMayi

​In this inspiring satsang, ShantiMayi shares magical stories of her personal practice and path of communicating with the elements and creatures of nature. She teaches us to develop our relationship and connection to nature and allow ourselves to be supported by nature's loving presence in our lives. Listen to her first hand experience of Rishikesh 30 years ago when there were very few people, an abundance of jungle and yogis practiced in unity with the landscape.

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Dynamic Equilibrium
with the Forces of Nature
with Sreedevi K. Bringi

An elder in the yoga community, Sreedevi takes us on a journey into the roots of yoga in connection to nature, and how to harness these natural forces to experience balance in life. She gives insight into her personal practices to harmonize the gunas and connect to the subtler elements, offering profound yogic wisdom from Patanjali and her background in the fields of science and mysticism.

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Befriend the Darkness into Light
with Trevor Hall

In this lively session, Trevor goes deep into his path of yoga, music and heart-centered living. We explore the nature of our modern day disconnection, and why so many of us turn to indigenous wisdom. Trevor shares the simple key to finding your pathway of connection, as well as his personal experience of facing the darkness that inspired his new album “The Fruitful Darkness.”

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Elemental Wisdom of the Stars
with Debra Silverman

Astrologer and psychotherapist Debra Silverman offers poignent insight into the need of our times to understand the elements of nature and find balance both personally and as a whole. From the perspective of the stars, she shares the dis-ease of modern man’s disconnection from all that is sacred, and offers practical elemental wisdom to embody compassion and acceptance for oneself and our collective journey. Debra encourages us to be weird and shine like the stars!

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Closing Message from Dayna

Thank you so much for joining us for Yoga & Wisdom of Nature. We absolutely love bringing this type of content to you. It takes a village and together we uplift and inspire our world.

We hope you'll join us for The Five Elements of Yoga, our 6 month online immersion with 5 master teachers featured in this summit. We launch soon and this program is an incredible way to continue the journey of connecting to nature, within and all around. 

Stay in touch and please let us know what kind of yoga education you are interested in receiving from us!