Cultivating Self Mastery through the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Two

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Day Two Overview + Centering Practice with Dayna Seraye

Tune in with me for an overview of today's sessions and a brief embodiment practice to get your energy moving and tune in to your subtle body. 

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Master Your Mind, Master Your Energy
with Anand Mehrotra

Join Himalayan master Anand Mehrotra as he teaches us the importance of developing energetic intelligence so we can live in harmony and optimal relationship to the dance of consciousness and energy that is this existence. He shares wisdom and techniques for working with the subtle body to clear out conditioned ways of being and realize the flow state - the experience of effortless ease we all desire.

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Tune in as Ashley Turner shares how the psyche reveals itself through the body and vice versa. She offers tips, practices and wisdom to untie the knots of energy stuck in the subtle body and guides us in understanding psychology concepts that are foundational for any yoga teacher or facilitator working with individuals and groups.

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The Layers of the Soul -
Practice with the Koshas
with Gina Caputo

With laughter and poignant insight, Gina takes us on a journey through the Pancha Koshas, the 5 sheaths or layers of the soul. She offers practice and teaching tips for how to increase your awareness and capacity to experience each of the koshas through asana practice and lifestyle habits, and how this journey brings us into deeper connection with the essence of who we are.

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The Bhav of Bhakti Yoga &
the Energetic Heart
with David Newman

​Enter deeply into the heart as David guides us in an exploration of bhakti yoga and the embodiment of unconditional love. David shares a beautiful mantra-based song and offers a few ways to approach mantra as a practice of vibrational healing that magnetizes us away from our experience of duality and separation and into the unity consciousness of the heart.

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Yoga Nidra, Mudra &
The Feminine Art of Listening
with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Join Uma in this potent conversation illuminating the subtle flow of feminine energy and why the practice of listening is essential to attune ourselves to the peace and radiance that lives at the core of our being. She shares the art of balancing the masculine way of form with the feminine intuition of the formless to create a yoga practice that deeply serves our ever-changing needs and desires.

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