Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice


Each morning at 6am PDT, starting on August 27th and ending on August 31st, you will receive an email with access to the 5 sessions of the day. Once the talks have been released, you will be able to access them through the night of August 31st. Mark your calendar and be sure to carve out time to view this life-changing content!

DAY ONE - Monday, August 27th

Kia Miller: Energy Practices to Shift Your State of Consciousness
Sianna Sherman: Open the Rivers of Light of the Energy Body
Yogrishi Vishvketu: Prana & The Yogic Winds of Energy
Bibi McGill: Empower Yourself as Sensitive Soul

Govind Das & Radha: Conscious Relationship & the Heart of Bhakti Yoga

DAY TWO - Tuesday, August 28th

Anand Mehrotra: Master Your Mind, Master Your Energy
Ashley Turner: The Body is a Map of the Psyche
Gina Caputo: The Layers of the Soul - Practice with the Koshas
David Newman: The Bhav of Bhakti Yoga & the Energetic Heart

​Uma Dinsmore-Tuli: Yoga Nidra, Mudra & The Feminine Art of Listening

DAY THREE - Wednesday, August 29th

Seane Corn: Healing Trauma from the Subtle Body
Saul David Raye: The Science of Prana & Intuitive Wisdom
Hemalayaa: Feminine Awakening: Overcome Anxiety & Insecurity
Gurushabd Singh Khalsa: The Energy Bodies of Kundalini Yoga
Donna De Lory: Liberate Your Creativity through Dance & Song

DAY FOUR - Thursday, August 30th

Nikki Myers: Radical Self Acceptance to Heal Addiction
Tommy Rosen: The Multidimensional Path of Addiction Detox
Yashoda Devi Ma: De-Stress the Subtle Body through Meditation
Miguel Angel Vergaras: Father Sky & Mother Earth: Mayan Wisdom & Rituals

Celinda Kaelin: Lakota Wisdom to Heal the Sacred Hoop

DAY FIVE - Friday, August 31st

Sally Kempton: Myth, Meditation & Deities of Yoga
Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati: Healing through the Rituals of Yoga
Manoj & Jyothi Chalam: Form & Formless Practices with Sacred Symbols
Anandra George: Subtle Body Practices of Sound & Mantra

Kat Tudor: Sacred Water Practices & the Yoga of Play