Cultivating Self Mastery through the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day One

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Welcome to Yoga & The Subtle Body

I'm Dayna Seraye, Co-Founder & Director of Hanuman Academy, and I'm so happy you are here! 

These interviews are chock full of wisdom nuggets to inspire your practice and life.  Grab a pen and journal and get ready for a whole lot of inspiration. 

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Day One Overview + Centering Practice
with Dayna Seraye

In this short video, I give a preview of today's amazing sessions and guide you in a brief centering practice to come into presence. 

You will be invited to create an intention for our week together and tune into the awareness of your heart center. 

Energy Practices to Shift Your State of Consciousness
with Kia Miller

In this moving conversation, Kia shares the power of energy practices to shift you from a state of suffering and mental spin to an ever-expanding state of freedom and self realization. She describes how to “play enlightened” so that we raise the bar for ourselves, anchor ourselves in our power and ultimately change the world in all the ways we desire.

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Open the Rivers of Light
of the Energy Body
with Sianna Sherman

In this beautiful session, Sianna guides us on a journey into the nadis, the rivers of energy that flow throughout the body, and how to unblock them through the practices of mudra, mantra & pranayama. She teaches a foundational practice of working with the five elements through hand mudras, and how to attune to our intuition and allow creative life-force to move through us. 

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Prana & The Yogic Winds of Energy

with Yogrishi Vishvketu

In this illuminating discussion, Vishva-ji teaches us the intricacies of Prana, including the four ways we receive life force and the 5 prana vayus + 5 even subtler prana vayus that process our energy. Vinshva-ji makes this ancient yogic science relevant to our modern lives with humor and great joy so we can learn to experience mastery of our own energy flow.

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Empower Yourself as a Sensitive Soul
with Bibi McGill

Join Bibi as she shares her journey as a sensitive and intuitive soul, from being lead guitarist and musical director for Beyonce for 10 years to sharing her own teachings, music and activism with the world. She dives into the power of intention in all that she offers, and the importance of anchoring in one’s Truth to be a positive contribution to others.

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Conscious Relationship
& the Heart of Bhakti Yoga
with Govind Das & Radha

In this honest conversation, Govind Das & Radha candidly share the human challenges of relationship and family life, and how their practice of bhakti yoga and mantra serves to bring them back to love over and over again. They end with a powerful chant that calls forth the power of our own hearts to experience the great love that we all are.

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