Cultivating Self Mastery through the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Five

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Day Five Overview + Centering Practice
with Dayna Seraye

Welcome to our final day together!
Join me for an overview of the interviews featured today, and a short mantra practice to inspire your journey.

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Myth, Meditation & Deities of Yoga
with Sally Kempton

In this potent conversation, Sally guides us into the power of mythology to bring us into a deeper knowing of ourselves and the subtle realms of our consciousness. She shares how experiential practice with deities allows us to open our capacity to feel and heal ourselves, and why cultivating our energetic super powers is key to being able to impact the world in the positive ways we desire.

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In this incredible transmission, Sadhvi offers profound insight into the journey of healing the mind and the body. She teaches the importance of rituals and practices that allow us to shift our consciousness into the subtle realms, where the limiting beliefs of the mind are stored, and she gives great understanding to the mysteries of living in a physical body and to approach the limitations that arise to teach us what we are here to learn with acceptance and compassion. 

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Form & Formless -
Practices with Sacred Symbols
with Manoj & Jyothi Chalam

Join this beautiful couple as they take us on a journey into knowing the Self through the formless approach of Vedanta, as well as through the forms of the deities of yoga. You will learn how to practice with the sacred symbols of Shiva and how to infuse your consciousness with the illuminating frequencies of the divine.

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Join in this potent conversation on the power of sound to bring us deeply into the subtle realms and the pulse of life force that lives at the center of our being and guides us in every moment. Anandra shares an approach to mantra and a practice that orients towards resting in spaciousness and receptivity so we can train ourselves to live less from stress and more from the bliss that is our true nature.

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​Join Kat and Dayna in the Boulder Creek for an experiential journey of connection to the great element of water. Kat leads us through a few playful practices to commune with the essence of water and experience it’s healing flow in our bodies and lives. You will also learn a sacred water ritual to connect your heart to the healing of our global oceans and waterways.

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Closing Message
with Dayna Seraye

​​Thank you so much for participating in this week of wisdom. I hope you experienced some insights you can take with you into your practice and life. We look forward to sharing so much more with you in the times to come!

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