Cultivating Self Mastery through the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Three

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Day 3 Overview + Centering Practice
with Dayna Seraye

Listen in as I share an overview of the powerful sessions featured today, as well as offer you a meditative practice to tune into the different layers of your being. 

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Healing Trauma from the Subtle Body
with Seane Corn

In this inspiring interview, Seane teaches us how trauma gets lodged and stored in the subtle body, and then reactivated by events throughout our lives. She shares her own ways of working with, and discharging, this energy as it arises so she can continually meet the demands of working for equal rights for all populations.

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Saul has an incredible way of illuminating the felt-sense of yogic wisdom, and in this conversation he shares the science of prana and how to understand and work with the energy that underlies all of creation. He offers a meaningful view of the way anxiety disconnects our minds and hearts, and calls us into greater perception of the intuitive, subtle realms of life.

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Feminine Awakening: Overcome Anxiety & Insecurity
with Hemalayaa

In this dynamic discussion, Hemalayaa shares the subtleties of what it means to practice in a feminine body, and how to work with the anxieties, fears and insecurities that plague so many women. She offers a simple practice for both expanding into the energy of shakti, and creating the container for that energy to stay healthy, balanced and powerful.

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The Energy Bodies of Kundalini Yoga

with Gurushabd Singh Khalsa

In this fascinating conversation, Gurushabd reveals the details of the subtle body and its role in the soul’s navigation in and out of incarnations. He draws on his extensive practice and study of Kundalini Yoga as taught by his master Yogi Bhajan, offering a tried and true approach to practice that leads one to the path of awakened living.

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Liberate Your Creativity
through Dance & Song
with Donna De Lory

​Join in as the beautiful Donna De Lory shares her practice of devotional music to connect, de-stress and ride the waves of bliss into her heart. She describes her evolutionary journey with music, from a child in a musical family to a performer of pop music with Madonna, to finding her true voice and purpose in uplifting and inspiring others into the more subtle layers of peace and the joy of being.

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