Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Three

Yoga For Healing & Transformation

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Intro + Practice: Feel It To Heal It 
with Dayna Seraye

Today's opening practice invites you into your feeling body. We will bring our awareness towards noticing whatever arises and getting curious about what is held deep within us. As we practice turning towards and embracing all parts of ourselves, especially the parts we may normally not want to see and feel, our mantra is...feel it to heal it.   

Special thanks to SunMountain for providing the space to film these practices!

Vulnerability is the Gateway
to True Intimacy
with Sianna Sherman

This conversation with Sianna illuminates the dance of shadows and light, and why vulnerability and feeling all parts of ourselves is vitally important to our growth and our capacity for deep, intimate relationships. Sianna shares her personal techniques for honoring those difficult places in herself and in others.

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Tantra, Narcissism & Spiritual Bypassing
with Ashleigh Sergeant

As a tantric yogini, Ashleigh shares her understanding that everything in life is divine. She reveals some of the common pitfalls on the path of awakening, including obsession with one’s own process and spiritual bypassing, and offers tips for staying present and aware through it all.

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Authenticity & Vulnerability
as a Teacher/Leader
with Gina Caputo

In this interview, Gina gets real about how as teachers of yoga we need to do our inner work in an authentic way and show up in our vulnerability, embracing the full spectrum of who we are. She shares her own trials and tribulations in her path as a teacher and leader, and what it takes to be impactful and truly serve students both on and off the mat.

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Feel the Full Wild Storm
of Whatever is Present
with Nataraja Kallio

In this candid conversation, Nataraja shares the essential role of afflictive emotions as a compass for living, and how to work with these emotions in the practice to liberate life force and experience radical aliveness. He calls us to the central role of finding our dharma to orient all we do in yoga and life.

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The Power of Sadhana to Start Your Day
with Ananda Yogiji

Ananda shares how commitment to daily sadhana purifies the consciousness so that you can go into your day radiating and magnetizing the experiences you deeply desire. He also gives insight into the path and practice of Bhakti as the devotional icing on the cake of practice.

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BONUS: Yogic Paths by Gaia

Join Gaia for an introduction to the Yogic Paths series. In this episode learn how Tantra Yoga embodies the soul and spirit of yoga, and yet very few understand this diverse and complex tradition. At its core, Tantra is understanding the complementary energies of masculine and feminine, Shiva and Shakti.