Cultivating the Deeper Dimensions of Practice

Day Seven

Integration & Realization

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Intro + Practice: The Teacher Within 
with Dayna Seraye

On our final day, Dayna reminds you to honor the teacher within  and your inner knowing. In this integration practice,  enjoy a long savasana and guided meditation to support you in assimilating the wisdom shared this week that serves your evolution. 

Special thanks to SunMountain for providing the space to film these practices!

Creative Self Mastery in the New Era
with Guru Jagat

In this interview, Guru Jagat shares practical wisdom for navigating the turbulence and cataclysmic change we are experiencing on the planet at this time. She reveals the antidote to spiritual tourism, highlighting with humor and optimism the power of yogic technologies to bring us into our creative, sovereign, revolutionary power.

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Keep it Simple ~ All You Need is Om
with Janet Stone

As a householder yogi with two kids and a full life, Janet shares her understanding that we already have everything we are looking for within ourselves, and we don’t need more. She highlights the way we often put teachers on pedestals, and her approach to balancing the power dynamics of the student/teacher relationship.

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Closing Messages from Dayna & Yoshi