Hanuman Festival 2020 3-Day Passholders ~
please accept our gift of one of the following online self-study programs.

Make your selection, reviewing the links below, and then email
courtney@hanumanfestival.com to enroll at no cost. 
Offer expires June 15th. Please enroll by then.

The Earth Element

Our first module of The Five Elements of Yoga lays the foundation for a holistic and inspiring yoga education. Experience the grounding, stabilizing, centering qualities of the Earth Element with Saul David Raye in this 4 week online immersion. ($297 value)

Everyday Ayurveda: Embodying Intuitive Wholeness

In this very practical, experiential training in the timeless science of Ayurveda, Laura Plumb will teach you how to harmonize with nature and unleash your innate power to self heal. ($497 value)

The Path to Radical Self Mastery - Level 1

Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom teachings of India as it applies to modern life with Anand Mehrotra, a true visionary master teacher. ($497 value)
If you've already taken Level 1 and wish to take Level 2 please inquire. 

Radiance 40 Day Reset

In this 40 Day Reset program, Dayna Seraye will guide you step-by-step in cultivating a healthy, soul-centered lifestyle rooted in yogic rituals of self care. ($497 value)