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Can you relate?

  • With the state of the world today, you want to proactively strengthen and vitalize your health on all levels.
  • You understand you have an opportunity right now to focus on your spiritual practices and access your deepest calm in the midst of the chaos.  
  • Self-care is important to you, yet you've struggled to consistently follow through. You know that structure and accountability will support you to succeed. 
  • You're looking for guidance to develop a consistent and effective home yoga and meditation practice. 
  • Life is full. You want simple rituals and practices you can easily integrate into your life that bring lasting results.
  • You know you must address all levels of your being — physical, mental, emotional & spiritual — to cultivate and sustain the well being and resilience you seek. 
  • You want clear direction in how to boost your immunity and nourish yourself optimally with simple, delicious recipes.
  • You want to live your life passionately, with purpose. You're ready for a breakthrough. 

Welcome! You are in the right place.

Now is the time to
align yourself 
like never before.  

The unknown can be oh-so-scary.

But with a yogic shift of perspective, the unknown becomes the gateway to infinite possibility.

There is BIG opportunity in the weeks ahead.

This is YOUR life. 

What will you choose?

The forces of resistance, fear, and ego-suffering are STRONG. 

You know this force. It's the one that keeps you in repetitive patterns of stress and dis-ease and blocks you from doing what will bring you the health and well being you desire. 

It takes an equal and opposite force to anchor you in a lifestyle that supports you to flourish.

The tools, practices, and perspective of yoga work — and they work fast.

But it takes consistent, daily practice for you to shift from the degenerative affects of fear, anxiety and contraction to the steadfast, thriving, radiance of your soul. 

This is why we've created RADIANCE: 40 Day RESET for Body, Mind & Soul. 

This self-study program will guide you step-by-step in cultivating a lifestyle rooted in delicious rituals of radiance that build your vitality, passion, purpose and joy.  

These practices are simple and effective.

They are NOT designed to overwhelm you, but to easily integrate into your life and give you the foundation to live from your center — no matter the storm.

Now is the time to cultivate well being — for yourself, your loved ones and our global community.

Are you ready to begin?



1. an attractive combination of good health and happiness
2. the quality or state of love, confidence, and joy
3. glowing; vividly bright and shining

What is your true north desire?

Is it physical health or emotional wellbeing?

Better relationships?

Finding more passion and purpose in work?

Whatever your answer, your inner radiance lies at the root of it all.

As you create balance in your body, mind, and spirit 
through the practices of yogic living, 
every aspect of your life is infused 
with peace, vitality, and contentment.

Why 40 Days?

40 is a master number, referenced in ancient traditions the world over as a a sacred period of purification and renewal. Your commitment to 40 days of practice gives your mind an achievable period of time to work with that will transform your life.

It is said to take about 20 days to break an addictive habit and another 20 days to develop new, healthy ways of being. These 40 days will support you to create and sustain the changes you desire.

This program is designed to fit into your life.

Instead of overwhelming you with everything at once, you will be supported to incrementally add in self care practices over the course of the 40 days.  Our focus is NOT on eliminating habits, but on cultivating a lifestyle that includes simple and effective rituals that are manageable, delicious and reliable for your health and well being.   

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

We will focus on cultivating these 4 pillars of radiance:

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Your daily sadhana is essential. By the end of the 40 days you will have a thriving home practice. 

Conscious Eating Practices

Cultivate mindful eating rituals through the science of Ayurveda and cutting edge nutrition. 

Study of the Niyamas

The Niyamas are yogic principles of skillful living that support a life of self mastery and happiness. 

Yogic Living Rituals

Support for your emotional, mental and spiritual transformation throughout the 40 days. 

This program is for you if...

You are a professional, creative, entrepreneur and/or change-maker.

You desire simple, effective practices to rely upon to relieve stress, keep you balanced and ignite your passion, vitality and inspiration.

You love yoga. You are ready to establish your own home yoga and meditation practice. 

You want to take your life to the next level of personal fulfillment and joy, AND have a big impact on the world.

In This Powerful 40 Day Online Reset, You Will:

  • Clear away unhealthy habits that hold you back.
  • Develop sustainable rituals of self-care that support your vitality and happiness.
  • Establish a daily yoga and meditation practice to calm your mind and enliven your body/heart/soul.
  • Embody a lifestyle that brings you into balance and unleashes your power to self-heal.
  • Experience the support of a powerful community of like-minded practitioners.
  • Get unstuck and allow your creative soul expression to lead your life.
  • Integrate the ancient yogic wisdom of skillful living into your life.
  • Ignite the inner radiance that makes you feel and look great.

Deep thanks and appreciation...

Dayna, I wanted to send a note of deep thanks and appreciation for your spirit, teachings and generosity. I took part in the Radiance Reset last year and can’t wait to dive in again. I have signed up for many different courses with many different practitioners. You and yours remain my favorite. - Melanie

This program is truly regarded as a BEST!

Your creation of this program and its expression is comprehensive and extraordinary - a deep immersion into awakening. It has been a rich treasure and will be embraced forever. YOU are exceptional in regards to your presence and care.  - Jeanette

Thank you for leading such a great program!

The 40 day reset program gave me tools and knowledge to add to my daily practices.  I had a morning practice, but it has evolved quite a bit as a result of the program. My wife and I really enjoyed the program and have learned so much.  - Mike

Begin Your Journey of Renewal and Radiance


One Payment of

$397 USD


RADIANCE: 40 Day RESET for Body, Mind & Soul will guide you step-by-step in cultivating a
healthy, soul-centered lifestyle rooted in rituals of self care that build your radiance. 

Your 40 day journey starts when you enroll. 

On the first day you will learn a set of foundational practices.  

Each subsequent Sunday you will receive additional video lessons with Sadhana and Lifestyle Practices, 
as well as our Niyama focus for the week. Your digital RESET Manual will guide you through the program. 


Six chapters, released each week, will guide your 40 day journey. 


Days 1 - 6 | Sankapla + Foundational Practices 

The journey begins with a simple but powerful meditation technique that you will practice for 20 minutes each morning, followed by your 20 minute combined kriya and asana practice. You will be guided to set your intentions for the program and practice the core conscious eating principles.    


Days 7 - 13 | Purification through Saucha 

Begin your study of the Niyamas with Saucha. You will continue with your 20 minute daily meditation and increase your combined kriya and asana practice to 30 minutes, focusing on purifying your body, mind and emotions. You will learn easy Ayurvedic cleansing techniques and incorporate them into your daily rhythm. 


Days 14 - 20 | Santosha: Loving What Is

Explore Santosha, the second Niyama, and how to embody the deep-rooted experience of contentment, no matter what life brings. You will increase your kriya + asana practice to 40 minutes and add in nourishing yogic living rituals to optimize your sense of well being, pleasure and joy.


Days 21 - 27 | Transform with Tapas 

As we enter the second half of our 40 day journey, the heat rises. You will take on a Tapas practice as a means to gently let go of a habit that no longer serves you. Our 40 minute kriya + asana practice will support you in detoxification and transformation. You will learn Ayurvedic cleansing techniques to help you release and let go. 


Days 28 - 34 | Svadhyaya for Self Understanding

This week, explore the yogic approach to self study, honoring ALL of who we are — in our human complexities AND in our divine perfection. You will learn keys of emotional intelligence and the importance of staying open, curious and a student of life. A few more rituals of radiance will be taught to support your healing process. 


Days 35 - 40 | Ishvara Pranidhana: The Ultimate Surrender 

The last days of our journey focus on the yogic path of devotion, surrender and service. You will be guided to complete this program with practices that inspire gratitude and sacred reciprocity. As you celebrate your successes, you will also set new intentions to guide you forward in sustaining your lifestyle of radiance.

The three main video lessons for each week focus on the following:

1.  Sadhana

Simple and effective daily practice is the foundation of the program. 

MEDITATION  -  Daily meditation cultivates your self awareness, relieves stress and brings peace, calm and clarity to your day. You will learn a 20 minute meditation technique to practice each morning.

KRIYAS  -  These powerful prana practices cultivate your vitality, cleanse and purify your whole being, and activate mastery of your energy and mind. 

ASANA  -  The physical postures of yoga strengthen your body and align you on all levels of your being. You will start with a combined kriya and asana practice of 20 minutes, and gradually build to 40 minutes. 


Ayurveda and yogic living techniques to infuse everyday with health.

CONSCIOUS EATING - What you put in your body, and how you consume it, matters immensely. You will learn mindful eating habits to increase your digestive fire and cultivate your life force. You will also receive recipes and tips to inspire your relationship with food.

CLEANSING TECHNIQUES - Ayurveda is an ancient science for living in balance that unleashes our innate power of self healing. You will learn simple but profound practices to keep your body and mind clean and clear. 

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL WELLNESS - Our yoga continues off the mat as we integrate practices to support emotional health and a positive mental experience. 

3.  The Niyamas

The second of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga, the Niyamas, are philosophical themes that guide us to live skillfully, in right relationship, with ourselves and the world. We will explore the Niyamas as supportive themes each week to inspire and motivate our evolution.

SAUCHA  -  Cleanliness, purity

SANTOSHA  -  Contentment

TAPAS  -  Discipline, commitment

SVADYAYA  -  Self study, study of wisdom

ISHVARA PRANIDHANA  -  Surrender to a higher power

Here's Everything You'll Get
When You Sign Up:

  • Initiation into a simple meditation technique (video + audio format)
  • 6 Kriya + Asana Practices from 20 to 40 minutes in length (video + audio format)
  • 6 Wisdom Teachings (video + audio format)
  • 6 Teachings on Yogic Lifestyle Practices (video + audio format)
  • Digital RESET Manual
  • Password protected member’s portal – where you can access all of your course materials in one place, from anywhere in the world
  • Private Facebook group – to connect with other participants, and share reflections, questions and insights as you move through the program.
  • Lifetime access to your program materials

Special Bonus:

  • 4 Healing Mantras to practice in the time of COVID-19

I did the 40 days twice now and it has been so empowering.

I also, like to go back and listen to your teachings a lot! Thank you so much for everything, Dayna! - Lois

I feel really balanced and grounded.

I want to show my gratitude for the wonderful and inspiring program you made for us.  I LOVED the kriyas. They are helping me A LOT.  I use them daily! I slow down before making important decisions, and enjoy life more. I would say, I am more PRESENT. I am very grateful to you for sharing this lifestyle. - Eve

I feel that my life is in a better state of flow.

I'm loving all of it Dayna Seraye! I am so grateful to be part of this. The discipline I cultivated over 40 days gave me many profound shifts and I am celebrating all the benefits from this 40-day reset. All in all a great investment for me. - Eunice

I feel empowered, strong, clear and have more energy.

Dayna has a way of pinpointing the deep down resistances in you and can help you connect with yourself again. My outlook on life has forever changed and I consider this program with Dayna the best investment I've ever made for my mental health and well being. - Amanda

This program with Dayna has been profound.

I highly recommend this journey to anyone seeking spiritual support, empowerment, a structure to rest into and the opportunity to learn SO much about yourself.  - Christa

Dayna brings light & spirit with her wherever she teaches. 

Her presence alone is healing, and her mastery of healing movement and awareness is profound. - Matthew

Meet Your Guide

Dayna Seraye is the co-founder and director of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures. She is devoted to bringing the transformative teachings of yoga to our global community and has led sacred pilgrimages, yoga workshops and trainings, and healing ceremony for close to 20 years. Dayna is an ordained priestess and her extensive training in yoga and the healing arts includes somatic psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom, energy medicine, integrative nutrition and health coaching.  She integrates these methods into her teaching and private healing/coaching work with individuals.

Dayna is first and foremost a student and returns to India on a regular basis to study with Anand Mehrotra and other master teachers.  She bridges her understandings of East and West, offering heart-centered journeys of embodied healing and transformation. She is known for intuitively and intelligently weaving diverse yogic techniques, including asana, kriya, pranayama, meditation, mantra and earth-based wisdom, into her teaching. She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, teaches online through and has led immersive experiences at renown yoga festivals throughout the world.  Dayna is passionate about supporting others to transcend limitations and embody the health, happiness and soul fulfillment they desire.