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                  with Dayna Seraye


You Deserve a Fresh Start

Does this sound like you?

  • You know how important self care is, yet no matter how many resolutions you make, you struggle to follow through
  • Something feels "off" and you're ready to breakthrough your blocks
  • Life is full and you don't need more on your plate; you want simple rituals you can easily integrate into your life that bring lasting results
  • You desire guidance to develop a consistent and effective home yoga and meditation practice + uplevel your eating and lifestyle habits
  • You know you must address all levels of your being — physical, mental, emotional & spiritual — to cultivate & sustain the health and radiance you seek
  • You want to live your life passionately, on purpose, in tune with the calling of your soul

Welcome. You are in the right place.


How many times have you made a resolution to break a habit or form a new healthy lifestyle practice, and not succeeded in following through?

Whether it be a desire for physical health or emotional wellbeing, better relationships or finding more passion and purpose in work, so often we start strong but very soon fall off track.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, 
not on fighting the old, but on building the new. - Socrates

Radiance: 40 Day Reset for Body, Mind & Soul will guide you step-by-step in cultivating a healthy, soul-centered lifestyle rooted in rituals of self care that build your radiance.

Yoga, and its sister science of Ayurveda, teach us that equilibrium is the key ingredient to unleashing our innate power to self heal.

As you cultivate balance in your body, mind and spirit
through the practices of yogic living, 
every aspect of your life is infused with vitality, happiness and peace

an attractive combination of good health and happiness
the quality or state of love, confidence, and joy
glowing; vividly bright and shining

This program is designed to fit into your life.

40 is a master number, referenced in ancient traditions the world over as a a sacred period of purification and renewal. In our 40 days together we will incrementally add in self care practices to anchor you in a conscious lifestyle that is manageable, delicious and will carry you forward on your radiant path of health and well being.  

We will focus on 4 main areas:

Daily Yoga & Meditation

Establishing a daily sadhana is an essential foundation of radiance.
Starting simply, we will add in more advanced yoga and meditation techniques as we go.  By the end of the 40 days you will have a thriving home practice.

Conscious Eating Practices

Through the science of Ayurveda and cutting edge nutritional wisdom, we will cultivate mindful eating rituals. As you add in nourishing whole foods, herbs and spices to your diet, you will notice unhealthy food choices naturally fall away. 

Study of the Niyamas

The second of Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga — the Niyamas — are yogic principles of skillful living that support us to live a life of self mastery and happiness. We will explore these inner observances as guidelines for our evolutionary journey.

Yogic Living Rituals

These Ayurvedic techniques, earth-based practices, self inquiry exercises and coaching tools are designed to support your emotional, mental and spiritual transformation throughout these 40 days.

In This Powerful 40 Day Online Reset, You Will:

  • Clear away unhealthy habits and ways of being that hold you back
  • Develop consistent and sustainable rituals of self care that support your vitality, happiness and peace
  • Cultivate a daily yoga + meditation practice to calm your mind & enliven your body/heart/soul
  • Sun
    Experience and embody a lifestyle that brings you into balance, and unleashes your power to self heal
  • Sun
    Receive the support of a powerful community of like-minded practitioners
  • Sun
    Get unstuck, and allow your creative soul expression to lead your life
  • Sun
    Understand the ancient yogic wisdom of skillful living and integrate these principles into your modern life
  • Sun
    Build the inner radiance that makes you feel and look great, and ignites your magnetism and passion

It’s been a gift of unimaginable healing...

Dayna holds a container of pure, healing Feminine Divine Love, whether it be Fierce Love from Kali or Compassionate Love from Kuan Yin. It’s been a gift of unimaginable healing, has opened doors to joy, gratitude and abundance, and has unleashed my powers of manifestation. – Diana D.

I feel empowered, strong, clear and have more energy.

Dayna has a way of pinpointing the deep down resistances in you and can help you connect with yourself again. My outlook on life has forever changed and I consider this program with Dayna the best investment I've ever made for my mental health and wellbeing. - Amanda P

Dayna's yoga sharings are simply beautiful. 

They transport me to a place of stillness and a quiet feeling of calm and ease.
Thank you. - Charmaine C.