AUGUST. 27-29. 2021

Are You Ready to Celebrate the Fulfillment of Your 
Soul's Quest and Reclaim your Wholeness?

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Sianna Sherman & Masood Ali Khan ~ The Alchemy of the Soul

In this dialogue, Sianna and Masood discuss the profound benefits of the alchemical journey for the soul - a magical process of transformation that welcomes adversity and challenge to fuel the soul's growth. Learn how Tantra Yoga is the divine marriage of Shiva and Shakti - consciousness and energy - the three pillars of Shakti, and a sound vibration and mudra practice to recenter, remember, and activate your most creative self.

Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco ~ Stories of Alchemy

In this interview, Ana and Jose share how sacred ritual and ceremony combined with yoga practices help guide the soul to deeply explore the light and dark sides of our soul. They share personal stories and ancient myths of how we are all archetypes of spirit - the hero, the victim, and the villain - at all times. These stories are treasures and help us get closer to our heart's deepest desires.

Saul David Raye ~ Navigating Modern Times with Ancient Wisdom

Join Saul David Raye in a conversation with co-host Yoshi Aono. These old friends share what is alive for them during these times. In this discussion they touch upon Tantra, energy, and humanity's shadow. 

Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia ~ In the Flow

Tune in to this lovely conversation with Odaka founders, Roberto and Francesca, to hear how through martial art, yoga and zen wisdom, our true nature is to be connected with the soul. They explain how Odaka yoga brings you into relationship with your self and others, and invites a centeredness and presence which cultivates peace, compassion, and creativity. You will also learn a formula to BE the soul, where you can remove the beliefs and obstacles to find yourself.

Laura Plumb ~ Invitation to Your Reunification

In this interview, Laura Plumb explores the question why is it natural to feel broken or separate? Through her transmissions of Ayurveda, Jyotish, and ancient Indian stories of the devas, she reveals the truth of our existence resides in our origins, that we are whole and complete and perfect.