Metamorphosis Dialogues

Mythic Stories to Inspire Growth & Renewal

with Dayna Seraye, Sianna Sherman,
Saul David Raye, R.R. Shakti & Darren Silver

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In these times of collective initiation, myths and initiatory stories
enchant the soul and provide a template for our transformation.

In each session, a brilliant storyteller joins Dayna Seraye to share stories 
and discussion to widen your perspective, shift your consciousness
and align with a greater vision for our personal and collective renewal. 

  • Sianna Sherman — Phoenix from the Flame Arising
  • Saul David Raye — Galactic Butterflies & Transformation
  • R.R Shakti — La Loba to Rewrite our Stories
  • Darren Silver — An Indian Tale from Karma to Dharma

There is a regenerative, creative intelligence emerging.


We are each being invited to step forward
and dream awake our collective renewal.

Meet Your Guides:

Dayna Seraye

Dayna Seraye is the co-founder and director of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures. She is devoted to bringing the transformative teachings of yoga to our global community and has led sacred pilgrimages, yoga workshops and trainings, and healing ceremony for close to 20 years. Dayna is an ordained priestess and her extensive training in yoga and the healing arts includes somatic psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom, energy medicine, integrative nutrition, authentic relating and health coaching.  She integrates these methods into her teaching and private healing/coaching work with individuals.

Darren Silver

Darren Silver, MA, is a rite of passage guide, Nature-Connected Coach, ceremonialist, and innovative educator. He has over a decade of experience working with ritual, wilderness living skills, and guiding transformational experiences residentially and internationally. A gifted storyteller and apprentice to the old myths, Darren weaves the power of the natural world, vision, and community in devotion to the remembrance of regenerative culture. 

Sianna Sherman

Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. She is the founder of Rasa Yoga, Mythic Yoga Flow®, and RITUAL. Sianna touches the human heart through story and offers teacher trainings, workshops, retreats, pilgrimages, and online studies. Her training includes three decades of study with master yoga teachers and scholars in India and abroad, as well as a background in bodywork, anatomy, herbalism, feminine studies, and climate reality training. Sianna is committed to being Love In Action here on earth to serve.

Saul David Raye

Saul David Raye is a teacher, healer, musician & peace activist.
He has been practicing and teaching for over 25 years, primarily influenced by his studies of Ha-tha Yoga, Bhakti, Tantra, Thai Massage, Pranic Healing and Shamanism. Saul’s heart-centered approach to yoga and healing have influenced many students and teachers around the world. He is able to bring alive the ancient wisdom teachings for modern seekers and create a safe space for students to connect deeply with their own authentic power, spirit and truth.

R.R. Shakti 

R.R. Shakti, PhD is an Contemplative Mythologist and Yoga Psychologist who holds a doctoral degree for her work in Mythology and Depth Psychology. Shakti is an international yoga teacher, ritual facilitator, speaker, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and radical freedom. She is a certified Yoga Therapist, licensed Massage Therapist, and Ayurvedic Consultant and has studied holistic approaches to wellness for nearly 20 years. 

Every challenge holds the gift of opportunity. 
Join us to participate in the metamorphosis emerging.

Register now to receive the replays for each 
of the four sessions in this series.