How do you know
when it’s time to go deeper?

The journey of yoga is an ever-deepening spiral of growth and self-discovery. It is a path that asks us to continually meet our edge, to lean into our evolution and to consciously practice our way to self-realization. At various moments on the path we are nudged to go deeper. So, how do you know when it’s time?
Sianna Sherman and Juan Pablo Barahona offer their guidance:

Listen To Your Soul

There are times when we are called by our own soul to step out of the comfort zone and immerse ourselves in the path of true self-realization. Yoga calls us to dive into the depths of our being so that we may rise into everything we can be. Sianna Sherman guides a profound journey into the realms of the Water Element in The Five Elements of Yoga online immersion.

Trust Your Inner Journey

Many western yogis come to the path of yoga through asana. Asana is an incredible practice, but yoga is so much more than asana. When you find yourself inquiring about life, the desires of your soul and your place in the universe, you are ready to go deeper. Juan Pablo teaches a journey of inner transformation through the Fire Element in The Five Elements of Yoga online immersion.

Come home
to yourself.

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