The Flow State
Yoga to Cultivate Effortless Ease 
in Life & Love

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Are you ready to stop resisting and struggling against life and
and experience the great love you are seeking? 

In this transformative workshop you will learn: 

  • Why your state of consciousness is the most important factor in realizing the love and creative flow of life you desire.  
  • How to recognize the fear-based, limiting programs of conditioning that are operating in your subconscious, and yogic technology to quickly and effectively clear these patterns and shift your state of consciousness.   
  • How to ignite your passionate life force so that you become magnetic to the flow of abundance, love and well being in your life.
  • A powerful set of practices you can do everyday so you may experience more and more of the flow state (where life becomes a magic carpet ride of grace).

Meet Your Guide:

Dayna Seraye

Yogini, priestess and transformational facilitator, Dayna is the co-founder and director of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures. She is devoted to bringing the deeper teachings of yoga to our global community and has led sacred pilgrimages, yoga workshops and trainings, and healing ceremony for over 15 years. Dayna offers heart-centered yoga immersions integrating asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra and wisdom. She works one-on-one through private counseling/healing sessions to support individuals in transcending limitations and experiencing the health, happiness and fulfillment they desire. She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, teaches online through and has led immersive experiences at renown yoga festivals throughout the world. 

You are designed for love.

Learn ancient yogic wisdom as it applies to modern life 
to get into "the zone" where the love you are seeking resides.