Daily Practice for Balance & Bliss

3 Keys for a Thriving Home Yoga + Meditation Practice


with Dayna Seraye

A home practice, with simple techniques that work,
is a panacea for the stresses of life.

In this master class, discover the three practices to do everyday
 to bring you into your blissful center.

You will learn:

  • Why sadhana (daily practice) is the foundation for a life of mental clarity, emotional health, and physical radiance
  • The power of combining the three techniques of meditation, kriya, and asana — and why an integrated, well-rounded home practice creates a flow of effortless ease in your life.
  • Why rhythm and consistency are essential to cultivate and sustain your practice, and essential tips for success. 
  • Simple practices to get started right away. 

Meet Your Guide:

Dayna Seraye

Dayna Seraye is a teacher and facilitator of personal transformation, guiding individuals and teams to greater awareness, resilience and connection. She is the co-founder of Hanuman Academy and Hanuman Adventures and is devoted to bringing the deeper teachings of yoga to our global community. She has led sacred pilgrimages, yoga workshops and trainings, and healing ceremony for over 15 years and also works one-on-one offering private counseling/coaching sessions to support individuals in transcending limitations and experiencing the health, happiness and fulfillment they desire. Dayna teaches yogic living programs that integrate asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, mantra, wisdom, conscious eating, Ayurvedic lifestyle practices and more. She has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal, teaches online through gaia.com and has led immersive experiences at renown yoga festivals throughout the world.

Do you wish for effortless ease in your body, mind, and emotions?

Sadhana is your time to tune your instrument to the song of the universe.