De-Stress the Subtle Body through Meditation

In this illuminating conversation, Yashoda shares the benefits of a meditation practice that emphasizes effortlessness and relaxation. Learn why thought-filled meditations are a good thing, and how these thoughts alleviate stress from your physiology and cellular biomemory, bringing you in connection with your intuition and the state of effortless flow in life.

About Yashoda Devi Ma

​​Yashoda Devi Ma is the co-founder of ‘The Subtle Mind’ meditation + concsious living space in Boulder, Co, founder of Cosmic Women’s Tribe and a master teacher of Vedic Meditation, Sattva Yoga. For almost two decades she has studied under the guidance of her two Guru’s in India.

She uses Vedic Meditation as the path to mastering ones mind and Sattva Yoga to become a master of ones energy. The combination of both brings balance and harmony to mind, body + energy making it a holistic approach to wellness.