Fusing East & West to Create Yoga Medicine

Join Tiffany as she shares insights into the power of fusing western medicine and yoga for herself and her students. With all the stresses of modern times, Tiffany returns again and again to the message of simplicity and approaching the physical body as the gateway to the deeper practices.

About ´╗┐Tiffany Cruikshank

An international yoga teacher, author and health & wellness expert Tiffany is known as a teacher's teacher and is the Founder of Yoga Medicine, a community of yoga teachers focused on fusing the best of anatomy & western medicine with the traditional practices of yoga to serve the medical communities. With her training in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine her classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus, using movement as medicine. Yoga Medicine is a thorough, anatomically based training system developed by Tiffany that informs and trains teachers all over the world to work more powerfully with their students. yogamedicine.com