Normal People Living an Unnatural Life

In this powerful conversation, Simon shares how the norm for modern humans is physiologically unnatural, and why hatha yoga must be adapted to support us in returning to our natural state. He shares why yoga on the mat must not bring our bodies into the stress of fight or flight mode if we hope to be loving, kind, connected people who create a harmonious world for all.

About Simon Borg-Olivier

Simon Borg-Olivier MScBAppSc(Physiotherapy)APAM has been practicing yoga for 50 years, teaching for 35 years, and has been a registered physiotherapist for 20 years. He is co-director of YogaSynergy, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected yoga schools, with a style based on a deep understanding of modern medical science and traditional hatha yoga. Simon also works as a research scientist and a University lecturer. He has been regularly invited to teach lifestyle, posture, movement and breathing at conferences and festivals internationally since 1990.