The Art of Authentic Relating

Ryel is on a mission to ignite human connection for all people. In this vibrant interview, Ryel shares how the practices of authentic relating are changing lives from the prisons to the boardroom and everywhere in between. 

About Ryel Kestano

Ryel is the Co-Founder and Senior Course Leader at ART International. ART designs and facilitates programs for both companies and the general public that train participants in the practice of authentic relating, a profoundly transformational and groundbreaking interpersonal means of relating and communicating. Ryel also co-founded ART's nonprofit sister organization, Authentic Relating International, dedicated to bringing authentic relating to prisons, schools, and other institutions. Prior to co-founding ART International, Ryel oversaw all training operations at the Integral Center in Boulder, a world-renowned leader in transformational workshops. He has been a course leader, course supervisor, facilitator and coach since his own transformation several years ago. Ryel is also the co-founder and visionary behind Virtuance, one of the largest providers of real estate photography in the world, and the co-founder and visionary behind Pink Mammoth, one of the Bay Area's largest and most successful creative arts collectives. Ryel has four very authentic kids and lives in Boulder, CO.