Conscious Relationship & the Heart of Bhakti Yoga

In this honest conversation, Govind Das & Radha candidly share the human challenges of relationship and family life, and how their practice of Bhakti Yoga and mantra serve to bring them back to love over and over again. They end with a beautiful chant that calls forth the power of our own hearts to experience the great love that we all are.

About Govind Das & Radha

​​Govind Das and Radha are the directors/owners of Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica CA. They are a husband and wife team and are practitioners/teachers/musicians in the path of BHAKTI YOGA. Their inspiring yoga classes encourage yoga in the spirit of celebrating life and developing a personal and intimate connection with Source. They dedicate their kirtan music is using voice, melody, and rhythm as prayerful heart medicine. COME ON A JOURNEY INTO THE HEART OF YOGA! They lead evenings of kirtan, bhakti yoga workshops, and transformational retreats throughout the world. Their lastest celebrated kirtan cd, “LUNAR MANTRAS” has spent weeks at #2 on the Itunes World Music chart.