The Layers of the Soul - Practice with the Koshas

With laughter and poignant insight, Gina takes us on a journey through the Pancha Koshas, the 5 sheaths or layers of the soul. She offers practice and teaching tips for how to increase your awareness and capacity to experience each of the koshas through asana practice and lifestyle habits, and how this journey brings us into deeper connection with the essence of who we are.

About Gina Caputo

Gina Caputo is the founder and director of the Colorado School of Yoga which is dedicated to elevating yoga education and fostering community amongst yoga teachers. She is the creator of Integrated Vinyasa™ Yoga which emphasizes the fusion of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, focus and release, work and play. She is an passionate and inspired teacher with a deep reverence for roots and lineage and a keen appreciation for science and this evolutionary journey of being a human!