SuperHuman Activation through Fasting

The radiant Andrea Paige shares the ancient tradition of fasting, and why this powerful practice is important in modern times. You will learn what to be aware of and how to approach a conscious cleanse so that you can reset your body and awaken your natural intelligence and embody your superhuman awesomeness.

About Dr. Andréa Paige

Dr. Andréa Paige is a futurist and a master of lifestyle medicine. As a practicing Epigeneticist, Andréa has recently forgone her career as an international public figure in fasting, Yoga and health empowerment to dedicate her time to save tomorrow. She is now programming Artificial Intelligence systems and launching the Institute for Aliveness. In training people and AI to become truly holistic practitioners, prepared to uplift the plight of modern man. “Andréa is the new iconoclast redefining the neo-paradigm on what it means to lead a life full of vitality.” Up-level your health and stop by for a cup of tea @