Lakota Wisdom to Heal the Sacred Hoop

In this moving dialogue, Cherokee/Lakota elder Celinda Kaelin shares potent wisdom and practices to heal the dis-ease of disconnection that we are collectively suffering from. She speaks of the need to respect and feed the spirits of the earth and how this respect is what will enable us to move through these times of purification into the next phase of our evolution.

About ´╗┐Celinda Reynolds Kaelin

Celinda Reynolds Kaelin is a poet, author, lecturer, and ethnohistorian who is privileged to work and study with indigenous Elders and spiritual leaders from over seventy First Nations. She is a member of the World Council of Elders, and has traveled extensively with these traditional spiritual Elders, performing Earth healing ceremonies in North and South America. Kaelin is the author of six books, including, Journey Song: A spiritual Legacy of the American Indian (Four Directions, 1998), Pikes Peak Backcountry (Caxton, 1999), American Indians of the Pikes Peak Region (Arcadia, 2008), and Ute
Legends (Caxton, 2017).

Celinda is a Cherokee grandmother who has dedicated her life to the healing of the Sacred Hoop, and follows the Lakota spiritual traditions as a Pipe Carrier and a Sun Dancer. She has completed fifteen Sun Dances with the Lakota. She is proud to be an adopted member of both the Lakota Nation and the Ute Nation.