Taste the Teachings of 5 Elements of Yoga

VIDEO #1: 
Develop a Living Connection to Earth

In this video, Saul offers an overview of the Pancha Maha Bhutas (5 Great Elements) and invites you to experience the elements as living energies. This teaching is from the first module of 5 Elements of Yoga

VIDEO #2: 
Honor your Body as a Sacred Temple

In this video, join Sianna in a short practice to honor your body as a temple and experience the sacred home of the Self. This second chakra practice is from the second module of 5 Elements of Yoga

VIDEO #3: 
FIRE with JUAN PABLO BARAHONA Detox the Organs, Chakras & Meridians

In this video, learn the 4 pathways of the Fire Element that Juan Pablo teaches in the third module of 5 Elements of Yoga and experience a powerful practice to detox and release old energy from the body.

VIDEO #4: 
Prana ~ Access the Lotus of the Heart

In this video, join Janet for a short pranayama practice to move your life-force throughout your body and deepen into your heart center . This teaching is from the fourth module of 5 Elements of Yoga

VIDEO #5: 
Purify Your Awareness with Shiva

In this video, Sreedevi teaches us the correlation of Akasha (space), Visshudha (the throat chakra) and Shiva (the deity).  This video is from the fifth module of 5 Elements of Yoga

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